Activities - An Hai Village Communal House Festival

An Hai is the name of a village that is located in An Hai Tay ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city. Previously the terrority in the east of the Han River took a while for the king of the Nguyen Dynasty to build stronghold, known as An Hai citadel, along with Dien Hai citadel in the west to keep the task of protecting for the port of Da Nang. Up to now, the traces of An Hai are largely disappeared. An Hai Village Communal House Festival was restored in 2000, reminding people of a heroic period in the part of the area. The festival is celebrated on August 10th every year (according to lunar calendar).

After the opening speech at the communal house of the village, everyone will flock into the riverbank to watch a sport called shaking baskets that is imbued nuances of coastal area.

In the yard of communal house, many traditional games such as chess, tug, etc were held. Besides, there are also modern subjects such as badminton, athletics, etc. Lion dance competition is taken place in lately afternoon. When night falls,  everyone gathered in the yard in front of the communal house watching opera after atteding to a colourful competition of festival songs. The following morning, in the official ceremony, representatives of the clans will review the fine tradition of the village together, before entering the ritual of offering sacrifice bribe according to traditional method.

An Hai Village Communal House Festival reminds people to be proud of an epiphany past. Although many years passed, the name of land area and the village are still famous not only for the city but also for all country.

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