Activities - Da Nang Fireworks Festival

Da Nang Fireworks Festival was held in Da Nang for the first time in 2008. The festival is organized annually and attracts a large number of visitors to Da Nang for travelling. The festival takes place on the occasion of 2 consecutive days in March, celebrates for the liberation of Danang city, or on April 30th and May 1st.

The festival brings together the world’s largest fireworks teams involved. Revolving around fireworks festival is accompanied by other activities such as Food Festival, Lantern Festival on the Han River, large night concert, painting exhibitions, etc.

Each year a particular topic is excellent performances and significance. On this occasion, Da Nang city is colorful of fireworks and excited with cultural activities. “Playground” fireworks attached 2 Han River with one different topics for each year. With each festival evening, Da Nang became sparkling with fireworks sparks brightly, creating splendid spectacle attracts tourists

Danang tourists visit to Danang fo this great occasion is a really large number ones every year. The city has more than 200 major hotels such as the Bamboo Green Central Hotel, Furma resorts, Fusion Maia Da Nang Hotel, 172 motels and 10 guest houses, with a total of 11,890 rooms were fully booked for a month before the festival fireworks is taken place.

Tickets for watching  fireworks are always the craze during this rush period, tickets are sold at a number of city’s attractions. The tickets are sold largely about  one and a half of month before the given day of the festival. It is a good choice for the tourists to buy the ticket as soon as possible for a good ticket. At the center of tourism, tickets sold online on the website of the festival program and website of the tourism company.

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