Activities - Hoa My Village Festival

The land of Hoa My officially became a village in 1825. Nowadays, Hoa My is a neighborhood in Hoa Minh, Da Nang but the traditions of the old village are still maintained. Hoa My Village Festival is a typical example. This special event is celebrated annually on the 12th day of the year (according to lunar calendar) to remind the younger generations to be grateful to the ancestors and to make plans for the year ahead. Due to the tension of Vietnam War, the organization of the festival was disrupted in a long time before resuming in 1994.

Hoa My Village Festival lasts for a day and a half. The worshiping procedure is carried out in the traditional way including two parts: Le Vong(looking back) and Le Hoi Hy(geting together). During the festival, many activities combining the traditional and modern values are organized, making the true remark of the festival and distinguishing it from many other events. While the young teenagers engage in different competitions, the elders perform traditional dances and sing many melodious folksongs.

On the other hand, people always find the traditional gamesintriguing because they add more fun tothe festive atmosphere. All the members in the community gather and interact with one another. They exchange thoughts, experience and ideas ofa culturally rich life. At the same time, short excerpt of Tuong or Cheo (Vietnamese traditional types of musical) are performedto entertain everyone.  

It is really surprising to learn that nowadays, such a traditional festival is still organized in a modern neighborhood at the heart of Da Nang City. It is even more surprising that this conventional festival is gaining more and more attention of not only the elders but also young Da Nang teenagers. Without a doubt, it has become an extraordinary remark in the cultural life of this dynamic city.

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