Đà Nẵng is on the end of the East–West Economic Corridor (EWEC) which stretches over Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar). It's easy to transfer to Danang. Nowadays, visitors can get there by many different vehicles such as car, plane, bus, train or taxi.
Dịch vụ cho thuê xe du lịch ở Đà Nẵng hiện nay phát triển khá mạnh, nhiều đơn vị cung cấp dịch vụ uy tín với nhiều chủng loại xe, đáp ứng hầu hết các yêu cầu của du khách. Du khách có thể chọn thuê xe tham quan, nghỉ mát trong ngày hoặc trọn tour tại Đà Nẵng và một số tỉnh lân cận; thuê xe đón, tiễn khách tại sân bay, ga Đà Nẵng; thuê xe hợp đồng theo tháng; thuê xe theo ngày, thuê xe tự lái. 
Taxis from several companies are available on the arrivals level. Confirm a fixed or metered rate with a taxi representative. Mai Linh taxi is a reputable company serving Da Nang International Airport.
Tourane Airport was built by the French colonial government in the 1930s as a civilian airport. During World War II, and the Japanese occupation of French Indochina, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force used it as a military air base. The airport was used by the French Air Force during the French Indochina War (1945–1954). In 1953/54 the French laid a NATO-standard 7,800-foot (2,400 m) asphalt runway at Tourane.
This is a list of emergency phone numbers which is need for tourists to visit Danang
The large Danang intercity bus station (821 265; 33 Ð Dien Bien Phu; ticket office 7-11am & 1-5pm) is 3km west from the city centre. A metered taxi to the riverside will cost 50, 000d.
Danang’s train station (823 810; 202 Ð Haiphong) is served by all Reunification Express trains, with stops including Hué (40, 000d, 2½ to four hours, seven daily), Lang Co (13, 000d, 1½ to two hours, four daily), Quang Ngai (47, 000d, 2½ to four hours, six daily), Tuy Hoa (153, 000d, seven to 10 hours, five daily) and Nha Trang (203, 000d, 8½ to 12½ hours, seven daily).