Festivals in Da Nang have many the same points among central Vietnam; however, it has some typical characteristics to create the special beauty of this place. During the festival days, you can enjoy the colorful area, traditional songs… Da Nang festivals formed from many years ago including Cau Ngu festival, Quan The Am festival (Guan Yin festival), Hoa My communal village festival, An Hai communal village festival…

Not only keep traditional festival but also the Da Nang creates new festival base on tradition: row-skiff racing. This festival holds on the National day September 2nd annual year on the Han River with dozens of local teams.

Thousands of the coastal fishermen crowded at the Temple of Whale to pray for a successful fishing seasons and a good weather in Thanh Khe Ward, Da Nang city on February 25.
Every year, thousands of people, visitors and Buddhist monks and nuns attended Quan Yin Cultural Festival in Da Nang city. Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara/ Quan Yin) Cultural Festival is organized on the 19th day of the second month (lunar calendar)
Tet Trung Thu, as it is known in Vietnam, or the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, is a wonderful ancient festival that revolves around children. The festival, held annually on the 15th of Lunar August in Hoi An
An Hai is the name of a village that is located in An Hai Tay ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city. Previously the terrority in the east of the Han River took a while for the king of the Nguyen Dynasty to build stronghold, known as An Hai citadel, along with Dien Hai citadel in the west to keep the task of protecting for the port of Da Nang.
Located in Tuy Loan Village, Hoa Phong Commune, Hoa Vang District, this communal house was built in the late eighteenth century and rebuilt in the year of Mau Ty (1988). Like those in Nai Nam and Bo Ban, Tuy Loan Communal House is used to worship the village gods and the bygone sages.
Muc Dong Festival celebrates the children who look after water buffaloes, and it is held at Phong Le Village, Hoa Chau Commune, Hoa Vang District. According to Mr Ngo Tan Nha, a 90-year-old man from Phong Le Village, Muc Dong was initially celebrated every three years, then every six years, and finally only once every 12 years.
Boat Race Festival is one kind of sport festival that takes place to pray for favorable weather, is held annually in lunar calendar of 2nd to 7th Jannuary in Lien Chieu District. According to old people story, they used to hold the boat racing festival on the first day of spring for canalizing rivers with the desire to pray for good weather.
Da Nang Fireworks Festival was held in Da Nang for the first time in 2008. The festival is organized annually and attracts a large number of visitors to Da Nang for travelling. The festival takes place on the occasion of 2 consecutive days in March, celebrates for the liberation of Danang city, or on April 30th and May 1st.
The land of Hoa My officially became a village in 1825. Nowadays, Hoa My is a neighborhood in Hoa Minh, Da Nang but the traditions of the old village are still maintained. Hoa My Village Festival is a typical example. This special event is celebrated annually on the 12th day of the year (according to lunar calendar) to remind the younger generations to be grateful to the ancestors and to make plans for the year ahead. Due to the tension of Vietnam War, the organization of the festival was disrupted in a long time before resuming in 1994.